chemistry paper 2

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precipitiation and colour change

  • you put sodium thiosulfate into a clonical flask and put in hydrochloic acid also.
  • place this flask onto a white tile with a black cross in the centre of it 
  • swirl the solution slowly and time how long that it takes to make the cross disappear when a white precipitate form (when it goes cloudy)
  • stop the clock once the cross has diserpeared
  • change the concentration of the sodium thiosulfate each time you repeat the investigation and record your results
  • each concentration should take a different amount of time
  • the control variable would be the amount of sodium thiosulfate and the person who is carrying out the investigation because the investigation can be very subjective
  • the independant variable will be the concentration of the sodium thiosulfate
  • the dependant variable will be the time that it takes for the cross the no longer been able to be seen.

reversable reactions

  • reversable reactions will reach equilibrium
  • when the forward reaction is exactly the same as  the backwards reaction the reaction has reached equilibrium
  • if the equilibrium is on the right that means that the concentration of the the reactants is more than the reactants
  • if the equilibrium is on the left the concentration of the reactants is greater than that of the products
  • the position of the equilibrium depends on the following conditions:
  •                    temperature
  •                    pressure
  •                    concentration
  • if a reversable reaction is endothermic in one direction then it will be endo thermic in the other and visa versa








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