Chemistry - Metals C1.3

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- There are over 80 metals in the periodic table


General Properties of metals

- good conductors of heat and electricity

- high melting point

- high boiling point

- ductile ( can be drawn into wires)

- shiny (when rubbed)

- sonorous

- malleable

- dense

Oxidation - to give oxygen

Reduction - to lose oxygen

Carbon + copper oxide → Copper + Carbon dioxide

C + 2CuO → 2Cu + Co2

Carbon is oxidised because it gains oxygen

Copper is reduced because it loses oxygen

Most reactive metals usually corrode fastest in oxygen / damp air

Least reactive metals usually corrode slowest

Carbon is able to reduce a metal oxide to a metal

Ore - an ore is a rock containing enough metal so that it is economic to extract

the higher the metal on the reactive series the more powerful the extraction and the more expensive. E.g Potassium, sodium are extracted via electrolysis whereas Gold and silver are extracted naturally from the earth's crust


Bauxite is the ore of Aluminium

it contains Aluminium Oxide mixed with other substances such as sand. Before the extraction of


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