Chemistry - Metal oxides and metal hydroxides

  • Alumina is the common name for aluminium oxide. 
  • It is amphoteric = act as a acid or a base depending on the conditions. 
  • If an acid, acts as a base, if a base it acts as an acid. 
  • Aluminium oxides react with hot hydrochloric acid, and it gives aluminium chloride and water. 
  • Aluminium chloride is soluble (get a aluminium chloride solution)
  • AL2O3 + 6HCL -> 2ALCL3 + 3H2O
  • Aluminium oxide is chemically inert except under certain conditions (due to this it has a lot of uses, such as paint, sunscreen and glass)
  • It is also a effective desiccant and can be used at a range of basic and acidic pHs. 
  • Group 1 and group 2 meal oxides are basic…


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