Chemistry Element Tests


Test for Oxygen:

Oxygen helps with the process of combustion. So, to see if oxygen is present in a test tube, hold a glowing splint inside it. If oxygen is present, the splint with relight itself. This happens because it continues the process of keeping something burning, so it enables the splint to spark and continue to burn.

Test for Hydrogen:

Since hydrogen is a very flammable element, when present with oxygen in combustion, it reacts with it by making a small explosion. To test for hydrogen in a test tube, hold a lighted splint inside. You will hear a squeaky pop sound near the mouth since hydrogen ignites in air.

Test for Carbon Dioxide:

Carbon Dioxide reacts with calcium hydroxide solution (limewater) to form calcium carbonate, which is a milky white liquid. To test for carbon dioxide in a test tube, you apply this by bubbling the gas through the limewater, which will cause it to


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