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What I got wrong and why


  • When drawing alkenes, remember to count number of bonds per carbon and to put in a double bond! There should only be a max of 4 bonds per carbon
  • Alkene general formula CnH2n
  • Alkane general formula is CnH2n+2
  • Features of a homologous series include the same chemical properties, trend or same functional group. Don't say they have the same reactivity.
  • BE SPECIFIC in your answers. When you say there's a trend, say there's a trend in terms of physical properties and they have similar chemical properties.


  • Reaction between hydrogen and air is 2H2 + O2  > 2H2O
  • Rust can be prevented also by covering in plastic


  • Ammonium is not the same as ammonia! Ammonium has a formula of NH while ammonia is NH !!
  • Test for ammonium ions: add NaOH solution, warm, test gas with damp red litmus and it should turn blue.
  • Test for chloride ions: add silver nitrate solution and dilute nitric acid, which should form a white precipitate.
  • When blue litmus turns red in HCl(aq) solution (water), mention that while it does turn red…


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