Chemistry C4


Group 1,7,8 and Transition Metals

- How are Group 1 Elements Stored? 

They are stored in oil in order to prevent them from reacting with the air, since they have a high reactivity

- Why are Group 8 Elements Unreactive?

They have a full outer shell of electrons, which means they don't need to lose or gain any electrons as they are already stable

 - Are Group 7 Elements Metals or Non-metals? 

They are non-metals as they are on the right of the Periodic Table

- List the Properties of Transition Metals:

Physical Propertiesshiny, strong, hard, dense, malleable, high melting points (except                                     Hg) and conductors of heat and electricity (in liquid & solid state)

Chemical Properties- very low reactivity, produce coloured ionic compounds, often                                         make good catalysts (due to unreactivity)

- What is Special about the Formula of Group 7 Elements? 

Group 7 elements are diatomic when on their own, so they have a little '2' after their symbol when by themselves

- How Many Electrons do Group 1, 8


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