Chemistry C1-2

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Making Crude Oil Useful!

Crude Oil (AKA Fossil Fuels) :

  • Fossil Fuels are Finite resources, this means they will eventually run out: Fossil fuels are being used at a extremely fast pace, faster than they are being made. There are specific difficulties associated with the nature of Crude Oil, problems such as finding a replacement to it or the idea of all the extractable resources will be used up in the future.

Fractional Distillation :

  • Crude Oil is a mixture of many types of oil, which are all 'Hrydrocarbons'. A Hydrocarbon is made up of molecules containing carbon and hydrogen ONLY.
  • Crude Oil  is heated at the bottom of the fractionating column.

- Oil that doesn't boil sinks as a thick liquid to the bottom, This is bitumen. Bitumen has a very high boiling point. It 'exits…


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