Chemistry Atomic Structure

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Atoms-smallest part of an element

Atoms of elements are showed by their chemical symbol:

-consists of one or two letters

-Starts with capital letter, with any other lower case 

Compunds-made up of at least 2 different elements e.g. H20

Chemical Reactions 

-compounds can be formed and broken

-new substances are created

-measurable energy change

-No atoms are created or destroyed

Reactants are chemicals reacting with each other

Products are chemicals that are being made 

Mixtures- are 2 or more substances that haven't combined chemically

separation Techniques


-separates solutions with a number of different solutes(solids) in the solvent(liquid)

-place a drop of solution to be separeted near the bottom of a piece of chromatography paper

-Dip the very bottom of the paper into a suitable solvent

- The solvent moves up the paper and carries the solutes in…


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