Chemical Bonding

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Structure and Bonding

Chemical Bonding:

The difference between mixing and bonding elements is that when two substances are mixed together without either of them changing they are not chemically bonded and are easily seperated as no change has taken place i.e. the substances have not been changed and are only mixed together.

  • Elements react together to form compounds by gaining or losing electrons or by sharing electrons. 
  • The elements in Group 1 react with the elements in Group 7. As they react, atoms of Group 1 elements can each lose one electron to gain the stable electronic structure of a noble gas. This electron can be given to an atom from Group 7, which then also achieves the stable electronic structure of a noble gas.

When an atom has an arrangement of electrons like a noble gas in Group 0 it is stable and unreactive. However, most atoms do not have this structure and react with other atoms to give them a stable arrangement of electrons, they do this by sharing electrons, which is called covalent bonding, or transferring (gaining or losing) electrons, which is ionic bonding.

Losing Electrons To Form Positive Ions:

In ionic bonding the atoms wither lose or gain an electron in order to have a full outer shell, therefore they


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