Chapter 1 The Great Gatsby

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Chapter 1    

SECTION A i ( remember AO2 Narrative Methods) Its about the way you write

SECTION A ii (AO1,AO3, AO4) 

AO1- The way you write 

AO3- Interpretation

AO4- Context 

What happens in chapter 1 ?  

Opening- Nick talks about the advice given by his father and a brief insight to his past. 

Middle- Introduces the carraways and the background of himself. Gives refrence to how he looks- "great uncle" . 

Found a house in West egg ( poorer place, new money) "bungalow of eighty a month". Talks about Gatsby's mansion. 

Tom and Daisy live at East Egg( richer place, old money). Nick goes over to the Buchanans for tea. Toms family is wealthy. 

Walks into a white room meets Daisy and Jordan. Nick talks about where he is


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