Chapter 1-3 kite runner

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The author Khaled Hosseini spends too much time on characterisation rather than action between the chapters 1-3 in the section.

Baba and Amir embody the Pashtun population whereas Ali and Hassan are part of the Hazara minority. Hazaras are a group which has subjected to relentless racism in Afghanistan.

Baba’s words in chapter three foreshadow the eventual takeover in Afghanistan by the radical Islamic fundamentalists known as the Taliban.

The first three chapters set out the basic facts of the story including who are the major characters, their backgrounds and what are their relationships with each other are like.

The relationships between old generations and new generations, fathers and sons have become major theme of the novel. Significantly, Amir and Hassan have both lost their mothers. They only have their fathers and each other.

In many ways, Amir and Hassan act for each other as kind of a substitute parent…


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