Chapter 4: From War to Civil War, 1945-46

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Japanese forces surrendered as a result of US atomic bombs, advancing of USSR in the north and resistance of Chinese forces. 

Both GMD + CCP knew war was inevitable however both needed time to regroup.

Divisions in China after WWII

1945 - GMD claimed to be central govt. while only controlling south-west China

  • Japan still controlled north/central China - cities waiting to surrender
  • CCP held their stronghold of Yan'an 
  • Soviets entered Manchuria in August

Foreign influence  = key role in acknowledging GMD as legitimate government. GMD accepted Japanese surrender. America helped GMD re-establish control. 

Attempts to Aoid Civil War

Foreign influence = US + USSR forced GMD/CCP into peace talks to avoid war. 

Mao + Chiang wanted to…


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