Chapter 22 - Humans and the environment

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  • Several ways in which the quantity of food has been produced:
    • agricultural machinery
    • agricultural chemicals
    • selective breeding.
  • Problems with monoculture (the cultivation of a single crop in a given area):
    • biodiversity is low.
    • can lead to an increase in populations of organisms that are pests of the crop.
    • insecticides sprayed onto crops harms useful insects.
  • Disadvantages of intensive farming:
    • welfare issues for the livestock.
    • the waste from the farming can pollute land and waterways nearby.
  • Food is distributed unequally on our planet.  
  • Reasons famines occur:
    • the weather (droughts and flooding).
    • human population in particular area is too big.
    • wars prevent people from working and harvesting crops. 


  • Habitats are destroyed when we use land for other purposes.
  • Habitats can also be damaged if we remove key species from them. 
  • deforestation= the…


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