changing patterns of the life course


Peter Laslett - 4 stages of life 

1) childhood 

  • socialisation 
  • norms and values
  • dependent on parents, family

2) Adulthood 

  • employment 

3) Retirement 

  • freedom from responsibilities 
  • choose your own puruits and ambitions 

4) Physical decline 

  • dependent on other people 
  • decline in physical and mental health
  • end stage of life

Explanation of changing patterns

  • Jane Pilcher - life course is influenced by the labour market
  • prior to industialisation - age didnt matter, if ou could work you did, childhood wasnt a stage of life
  • industrial - children were excluded from working, adulthood started later, retirement laws coming into place 
  • postmodern - stay in education longer, children can choose to work, have to work longer…


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