Changing Patterns of Family Life: Same-Sex Relationships


Reasons for the Increase in Same-Sex Relationships

- Greater social acceptance.

- Changes in legislation.

- Changes in attitudes to relationships.

- Changing representations in the media.

Greater Social Acceptance

- Changing attitudes to sexual behaviours have led to an increased acceptance of same-sex relationships.

- The process of secularisation has led to greater independence in moral judgements and acceptance that LGBTQ+ relationships share a common ground of love.

- The work of activists, such as Stonewall, to promote the LGBTQ+ community have led to greater acceptance in society of same-sex couples.

Changes in Legislation

- Decriminalisation of Male Homosexuality (1969).

- Adoption legalised for same-sex couples (2002).

- Repeal of Section 28 (2003).

- Civil Partnership Act (2005).

- Legalisation of Same-Sex Marriage (2013).

Change in Attitudes to Relationships

- Giddens' concept of confluent love and pure relationships mean that there is greater…


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