Changing Patterns of Family Life: Marriage and Cohabitation



- In 2017, there were 242,842 marriages in the United Kingdom, with 88% of those having lived together before getting married according to the ONS.

- The average age at marriage of opposite-sex couples was 38.0 years for men and 35.7 years for women in 2017.

- In 2017, there were 6,932 marriages of same-sex couples, of which 56% were between female couples; a futher 1,072 couples converted their existing civil partnership into a marriage. 

Reasons for a Decline in Marriage

- Changing role of women in society.

- Changing social attitudes.

- Rising divorce and insecurity of relationships.

- Changes to social institutions.

Changing Role of Women

- Career aspirations of women have meant that there has been a rise in the average age at which people first marry.

- Greater control over reproductive rights…


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