Changing Family Patterns - Partnerships


Marriage: Trends and reasons for the trends

  • Less people are marrying overall: decline in first marriages, 175,000 in 2012 – less than half of 1970.

  • There are more remarriages: 2012 -one third of marriages were remarriages – pattern of serial monogamy – (marriage, divorce, and re-marriage).

  • People are marrying later: -  due to increase in cohabitation & people focusing on careers first, especially women. 

  • Less church weddings: due to secularisation and some religions not remarrying divorcees.

Cohabitation: Trends and reasons for the trends


  • Cohabitation = an unmarried couple living together in a sexual relationship-continues to increase.

  • More people are cohabiting

Reasons for the increase:

  • Less stigma around pre-marital


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