Changes to the New Poor Law

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  • in 1847 the Poor Law Commission became the Poor Law Board
  • this was to rid the admin of arrogance and cant
  • it was also to link them to the government
  • after the Reform Act of 1867, the government became increasingly aware of welfare of people
  • the new legislation made is so local government were responsible for looking after the housing and public health for that area
  • in 1871, the Poor Law Board became the Local Government Board
  • after a while, pauperism was seen as less of a disgrace and more associated with general mifortune

Financial Situation:

  • the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act group parishes into unions
  • each parish within a union was responsible for maintaining its own paupers
  • meaning parishes with the most paupers had the highest poor rate
  • and parishes with less paupers had a low poor rate
  • this was resolved in 1865 by Union Chargeability Act…


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