Changes to representation in parliament


Changes in Parliamentry Representation 1780-1928

Representation of the people act 1832 and 1867 

  • 1832 act did create 22 new constituencies for northern towns 
  • Similarly in the 1867 act thirty eight rotten boroughs lost their two MPs 
  • 1832 act also started process of getting rid of rotten boroughs such as Old Sarum 
  • However 1832 act did nothing for working class representation, ony middle and upper 
  • 1867 only started working class franchise and did nothing for women 

Secret Ballot Act 1872 and Corrupt Practices Act 1883 

  • 1872 act adressed secret ballot, meant more working class people got in as people couldnt be threatened to vote 
  • 1883 Act limited amount that could be


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