Change in manufacturing Location

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The manufacturing industry is growing in soem countries.

1) Some countries that have traditionally relied on agriculture have seen a massive growth in their manufacturing industries recently- this process is called industrialisation.

2) These countries are called NICs ( newly industrialising countries). They include places like India, China and Brazil.

3) TNCs have increased manufacturing in NICs by basing factories there- here are five reasons why they do this:

1) Cheap labour - The minimum wage is the lowest a comapany is allowed to pay someoen. It's set by governments. Some NICs dont have a minimum wage. In the one's that do its much lower than in richer countries. This reduces the cost of manufacuring goods because factory workers are paid less.

2) Long working hours- The rules about working hours arent as strict in NICs as in places like the EU. This means employees work longer hours so more product can be made in one day.

3) Laxer health…


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