Challenges to Henry Tudor's throne

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Key themes of Henry =
- Challenges to the throne
- His control of the nobility
- His financial policies

The Lovell rebelion 1486
. First rebellion by 3 nobles who fought for Richard iii - Francis Lovell, Humphrey & Thomas Stafford.
. They tried to lead uprisings agains the king in 1486 but Stafford ended up arrested, Thomas was spared, Humphrey was executed and Lovell fled to Northern France.
. They realised they needed a Yorkist prince to lead them against Henry.

1) Needing a Yorkist prince was a problem as Edward the Earl of Warwrick was held in the tower with his brother, Richard. However, noone knew what had happened to the prices so the Yorkists planning to rebel against Henry trained two young men to pretend to be the princes. Lambert Simnel became Prince Edward.
2) The Yorkists also realised they needed foreign assistance to support their challenge. The Duchess of Burgundy supported Lambert financially and militantly.

* Earl of Lincoln lead the rebels and they landed in Millom, June 1487 advancing through Yorkshire to gain new troops.
* Nobles of the North did not…


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