Challenges in the Human Envrionment (Urban issues and challenges)

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Rio de Janerio (population of 6.5 million)

Large city in Brazil, situated on Brazil's Atlantic coast at 23° South and 43° West. City has been built around the bay called 'Guanabara Bay'.

It has offically become a 'global city' due to its importance to the global economy, mainly industrial and financial centre.

As Rio has expanded in the last 50 years, it has attracted many migrants from South America, China and Portugual, which has boosted its opportunites.

Rio has been divided into four main zones, which include: Centre, South Zone, West Zone and North. These are Rio's main industrial and commercial areas.

Centre - Oldest part of the city and financial centre

North Zone - City's main industrial and port area. Here there is low quality housing and favelas.

West Zone -  Industrial area of Campo Grande. Low quality housing around the stellworks. Olympic stadium are situated here

South Zone - Rio's main tourist hotels and beaches.

Main manufacturing industries are chemicals, pharmaceuticals, clothing, furniture and processed foods.

Main service industries are banking, finance and insurance.

Main exports are coffee,


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