Cental valley project


California water revision- They have a is-match of water suppy and demand

-75% of the rain/snow falls north of the Sacramentio however 75% of the demand lies south of the Sacramento.

- Most of the rain/snow falls in winter however most of the demand for water is in summer when its hot and dry

         Therefore the water either needs to be stored somewhere, or transfered.

Storage- Reseroirs- They use the Shasta dam- Sacramento river

Storage- underground- Aquifers in Central Valley and Los Angeles basin- ideal for local use.


  • No evaporation- environmental
  • Naturally filtered so little treatment required- economic
  • cheap for farmers so good for business/jobs.economy- social/economic
  • sustainable if managed well

Disadvantage- Problems if over used- subsidence, salinity levels, cost of pumping from deeps wells.

What is the central valley project? It is a water management project in the US state if California which aims to provide irrigation and municipal water to much of California's central valley. Thye regulate and store water in reservoirs in the water in the rich northern half of the state and trasnporting it to the water-poor San Joaquin Valley.

How do they get the water? Firts the water is collected in the North where it is very wet and they have a lot of it. Then the water is released when required and it flows down the Sacramento river to the Delta. The water is then pumped out of the Delta up 200ft into a canal that carries the water southwards inot the southern central valley and this is how they get…


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