Censorship and the 9 o'clock watershed


Censorship means preventing the circulation of information. Information is censored if it is considered by some people to be harmful to others, or too sensitive or private in some way. 

Censorship can apply to speech, written material and to films and programmes on TV.

Moral censorship is deciding what material is suitable for broadcasting or publishing and what material is not considered moral or suitable - the job of the censor.

The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) was set up in 1912 by the film industry to monitor films. It views films and categorises them to indicate features of the film and what age group the film would be suitable for.

Example of film censorship:-

A U film has the following censorship guidelines:

  • Suitable for children from the age of four
  • A moral framework that is reasurring and not frightening
  • Handles themes sensitively, without bad language
  • Some kissing is acceptable
  • Some nudity is acceptable if it does not have a sexual content
  • Mild violence is ok - but there…


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