Cellular control

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DNA basics
DNA is made of 2 strands of nucleotides which are made of a deoxyribose-phosphate backbone(sugar backbone) and the nitrogenous basis which form two pairs: adenine&thymine(2 hydrogen bonds) and cytosine&gaumine(3 hydrogen bonds). Adenine and guamine are purines, thymine and cytosine are pyrimidines.
Genetic code-> DNA codes for all proteins made by the cell, each gene codes for a sequence of amino acids which form a specific protein
How it works->the reference strand of DNA is read 3 bases at a time(triplet code) each set of 3 equates to 1 amino acid. Some triplets dont code for an amino acid, they occur at the end of each protein to cut the end e.g ATT

Protein synthesis
It occurs in 2 stages: transcription-DNA code is passed over to mRNA, translation-the mRNA takes instructions to a ribosomewhich then…


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