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Parts in a animal cell :

Nucleus - Contains genetic materialthat controls activities of the cell.

Cytoplasm - Gel-Like substance where most of the chemical reactions happen.

it contains enzymes ( a substance which initiates chemical reactions )

cell membrane - Holds cell together and controls what goes in and out.

Mitochondria - Most reactions for respirations take place

Ribosomes - Where proteins are made in the cell.

Plant Cells :

All of the above ^ + 

Rigid cell wall - made of cellulose. It supports the cell and strengthens it.

Permanent vacuole - Contains cell sap, a weak solution of sugar and salts.

Chloroplasts - where photosynthesis happens (making food for the plant).They contain a green substance called chlorophyll.

Most cells are specialised for their function 

similar cells group to create our organs

how plant leaves adapt to their function:

1.palisade leaf cells are adapted for photosynthesis

-chloroplasts for photosynthesis

-their tall shape means a lost of surface area is exposed down the side…


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