Cell Structure


A animal cell has a Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cell membrane, Mitochondria and ribosome

What are they:

- A nuclesus controls the activites of the cell and contains the genetic material.

-Cytoplasm is where most of the chemical reactions take place.

-Cell membrance controlsthe passage of substances into and out of the cell.

-Mitcohndria is where aerobic respiration takes place.

-Ribosome is where proteins are synthesised (Made)

Plant cells:

- It contains all the sub-cellurar structures found in animal cells.

-They also have:

-A cell wall made of CELLULOSE, wbhitch strengthens the cell.

-A permanent VACUOLE filled with cell sap, whitch supports the plant.

-Plants need to make their own food, so somme of their cells contain chloroplasts.


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