Cell Growth and Cancer

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Cell Cycle=The sequence of events by which cells grow and divide

Tumour= a mass of abnormally growing cells that form when cells do not respond to the normal mechanisms which control the cell cycle

1)There is a period of cell division where mitosis takes place and the number of cells increases

2)There is then a long period called interphase where there is no division and during the time cells get bigger and increase their mass and carry out normal cell activty to replicate their DNA for the next division

The length of a cell cycle varies from less than 24h to several years dependent on the cell and stage of life

During development of an embryo and a foetus=very short cell cycle and remains rapid during childhood

Once puberty is finished it slows down because the body is adult

Places with quick cell division= skin, blood, hair folicles, digestive system lining (regions with continued growth or regular replacement)

Tumours divide very rapidly with very little…


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