Cell Communication and Multicellularity

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You should be able to

  • Use the source and distribution mechanism of a signal to identify the type.
  • Give an examle of how a particular type of signal (autocrine, juxtacrine, paracrine, or hormone) functions in an orgaism
    • Autocrine signals diffuse to and affect the cells tthat make them eg. many tumor cells reproduce uncontrallably because they both make and respond to signals that stimulate cell division.
    • Juxtacrine signals affect only cells right next to and in contact with the cell producing the signal.eg during development when cells are in groups and changing to become specialized.
    • Paracrine signals diffuse to and affect nearby cells. eg in inflammation when the skin is cut
    • Hormones are signals that travel through the circulatory systems of animals or vascular systems of plants.


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