Causes of the Peloponnesian War

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  •  Sparta’s constant aggression towards Athens

  • The Spartans were in many ways the most convenient enemies that Athens could have had

  • The office of Strateges (‘general’ commands both sea and land) was an elected post, normally one from each ten tribes. There were no limits on re-elections. Generals could be fined and deposed of by the Assembly. This happened after the 460’s BC.

  • Low standard of military security

  • It was recommended to have a small number of generals with full powers, ‘so that things which ought to be secret can be kept concealed’ (Th.6.72.5)

  • Breaches of security (this meant less likely to trust each other)

  • Sparta lost control of allies in the central and northern Peloponnese, this was depended on by Sparta to keep them as a great power in Greece

  • Without her Peloponnesian allies,  Sparta could not hope to continue sending large armies


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