Causes of the 1905 Revolution

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Causes of the 1905 Revolution

Problems of Urbanisation

  • Increasing industrial strikes (1874=17,000) (1904= 90,000)
  • Violent clashed with armed police became more regular
  • Urban population doubled from 7.3 to 14.6 million between 1867 and 1887
  • Factory compounds, doss houses and shanty towns were the only places to house people in appalling and overcrowded conditions.
  • Inadequate transport, draining and sewerage facilities meant that typhus and cholera flourished
  • Syphillis became rampant as the number of prostitutes rose to cater for the inflow of unattached men.
  • Factories and workshops= longer hours and harsh discipline.
  • Wages were higher but so were outgoings which led to a rise in theft as people struggled to live.
  • High redemption payments led to peasants losing the land and becoming migrant workers instead.
  • Government subsidies to move to Siberia only affected 750,000/9 million
  • Zemstva increased health care but majority were still unfit for military service.
  • 1890s Infant mortality rate= 57.4%
  • 1900…


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