Causes of poverty

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  • Big gaps between MEDC'S and LEDC'S
  • Natural disasters
  • Hunger
  • Lack of education
  • Disease

Natural disasters

  • Floods, droughts, hurricanes and volcano eruptions
  • LEDC's cannot afford to take the same kind of preventative measures as MEDC's.
  • In the past, some Christians tended to see natural disasters as punishments for not being faithful to God.


  • MEDC's have trade, or taxes which prevent LEDC's from selling high value goods to them.
  • Many large companies set up factories in LEDC's where wages are much lower, to maximise their profits.
  • Many Christians feel it is unfair for MEDC's to prevent LEDC's from developing a more profitable economy, or to exploit their workers.
  • Some Christians believe that hunger in the world is largely brought about by the greed of certain countries at the expanse


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