Causes of global inequalities

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Environmental factors affect how developed a country is. A country is more liekly to be less developed if it has...

A poor climate

1) If a country has a poor climate ( really hot or really cold) they wont be able to grow much.

2) This reduces the amount of food produced.

3) In some countries this can lead to malnutrition. People who are malnourished have a low quality of life.

4) People also have fewer crops to sell, so less money to spend on goods and services. This also reduces their quality of life.

5) The government gets less money from taxes ( as less is sold and bought) This means there's less to spend on developing the country, e.g. to spend on iproving healthcare and education.

Poor farming land

If the land in a country is steep or has poor soil ( or no soil) then they wont produce a lot of food. This has the same effect as a poor climate.

Limited water supplies

Some countries dont have a lot of water, e.g. Egypt, Jordan. This makes it harder for them to produce a lot of food.

Lots of natural hazards

1) A natural hazard is an event that has the potential to affect people's lives or property, e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, tropical storms, droughts, floods.

2) When a natural hazard affects peoples…


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