Causes of climate change

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There are some who say climate change is a natural phenomenon and caused by:

1. variation in the earths orbit (Milankovitch cycles) The Earths orbit varies every 100,000 years. This is true, but it does not explain the great rise in the temperature in the last 100 years.

2. Changes in salar output. This is the idea that the number of sun spots present will affect the energy produce by the sun. This has been discredited.

3. Impact of volcanic emmissions- Eruptions such as Mount St Helens and Pinatubo throw huge amounts of volcanic dust into the atmosphere. This will increase clouds and precipitation for one to two years after the event. This tends to reduce global temperature. Recent volcanic activity has been above average which should reduce temperatures-this is not the case. Others say that volcanoes emmit co2 and thus contribute to temperature increase. However man emits 150 times more and is therefore the main cause.

Human- Past 100 years

1. Generating electricity- To produce electricity we must burn fossil fuels which releases co2. Co2 is a natural greenhouse gas and is vital for the earths temperature, but too much Co2 increases the average temperature ( has risen by 0.6 celcius already) which can…


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