Causes of Criminality - Labelling and SFP



Labelling involves the majority considering the minority as inferior and using inferior terms when talking about them,

  • There is a negative connotation to being 'labelled', despite some labels being positive (eg 'smart').
  • A label can be applied by someone to another person and doesn't necessarily reflect the nature of the individual being labelled. They can often be unfair.

Its Impact

  • Someone's view of themselves and their self identity can be shaped by how someone is classified in society and how they are labelled.
  • Labelling theory suggests that deviance isn't a 'thing', but a label given to minorities by majorities to show them that their behaviour is outside of cultural norms.
  • Giving someone a negative label in terms of criminal behaviour creates a social stigma, which affects their self-concept. This social stigma that is attached to the label means that the individal has extreme disapproval from members of society.

Link to Criminality

  • Having a…


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