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Political Causes 

  • Francis Lovel and Thomas Stafford raised troops in 1486 to kill the king as a way of getting back the Yorkist power.
  • Lambert Simnel pretended to be The Earl of Warwick.Simnels yorkist supporters believed they would gain more from killing Henry than from serving him.The Earl of Lincoln was politically ambitious and backed by the Earl of Kildare.
  • Perkin Warbeck pretended to be the Duke of York,Warbeck was backed by France,Burgundy and Scotland intent on weakening Henry.
  • Pilgramage of Garce in 1536,his divorce of catherine and disinheritance of Mary annoyed some Northern Nobles .The rebels wanted Mary legitimised and restored to the succession.
  • Edward's "devise" was largely responsible for Northumberlands rebellion
  • Wyatts rebellion wanted to infuence the succession and the exclusion of Elizabeth.
  • In the Northern Earls rebellion preserving Mary Queen of Scots was an important cause as Elizabth was unmarried and childless.Essex although claimng not to be treasonous wanted to become "kingmaker" and gain favour with James.

Factional Causes

  • Pilgrimage of Grace 1536.Eltons theory is that it was orchestrated by the Aroganese faction.
  • Northern Earls Westmoland and Norhtumberland wanted to overthrow Cecil and marry off Norfolk to Mary. Northumberland resented seeing his wardenship go to local rivals.Essex was banned from court,charged with treason and the Queen rescinded his patent to sell his wine.Essex was out of favour and resented Cecil,wrongly believed he would be supported by London.

Goverment intervention

  • Cornish rebellion 1497 and 1549 felt ruled by strangers due to different language and traditions as did the the northerners.Manors,castles and marches were exchanged to the crown.Hated central government.
  • Irish rebellions:
  • Cromwell favoured Kildares rivals,Kildare wanted to expel english administration and become sole ruler of ireland.
  • Shane O Neil wanted to rule ulster.
  • Fitzgeral resented attempts by Elizabeth to colonize Ireland and


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