Catholic Reactions to the Religious settlement


The Pope 

  • On 22nd April 1570 Pope Pius issued Regnans Excelsis 
  • This Papal Bull excommunicated Elizabeth from the Catholic church 
  • The Papal Bull had not been issued due toa hope that Elizabeth would marry one of her catholic suitors 

Ordinary Catholics

  • When Elizabeth came to the throne many Catholics feared that they would be persecuted like protestants under Mary
  • Elizabeth settlement merged some Catholics elements with protestants ones so catholic still use many elements of their faith
  • Elizabeth removed the ban of kneeling before communion
  • Recusants were charged small fines
  • Some catholic paid for priests to stay with them and would hide in their homes

Plots and Rebellions 

  • 1569, the Northern Rebellion 
  • Elizabeth refused to let Norfolk marry Mar Queen of Sctos so Northern Earls marched…


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