Catering and Hospitality: The Catering Industry


Job Roles:

There is a range of jobs available - Split into three groups:

  • Management and administration
  • Food preparation
  • Food and drink service


Manager is in charge of the whole company and is responsible for making aprofit

An assistant manager helps the manager in a large establishment

Management keeps the company going and takes charge of problems


Depending on size there is a varied amount of chefs

'brigade' of chefs is the term used for a group of chefs in a kitchen

  • Head Chef - Person in charge of kitchen. Can be known as anexecutive chef - responsible for food production, menu planning, purchasing, costing, planning work, schedules and hygiene
  • Sous Chef - In charge of production. Takes command of actual production of food and supervises staff. Many years experience working as a chef
  • Pastry Chef - Prepares pastries and desserts. Can be known as patissier chef
  • Larder Chef - Responsible for cold foods including salads and dressings. Can be known as garde manager
  • Sauce Chef - Prepares sauces, stews and hot sautes to order


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