categorical and hypothetical imperative- Kant

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Hypothetical Imperative

  • hypothetical imperative are not moral commands to the will as they do not apply universally

  • you only need to obey them if you want to achieve a certain goal

  • the hypothetical imperatice always begins with the word 'if'

  • eg: if you want to lost weight you ought to go on a diet and excersise more

  • a hypothetical imperative depends on the results and aims at personal well being

Categorical Imperative

  • categorical imperatives are moral absolutes

  • they tell everyone what to do and do not depend on anything

  • these categorical imperatves apply to everyone

  • they are based on a priori law of reasons

three formulations of the categorical imperative:

  1. Formula of the Law of Nature

    1. act only according to that maxim wherby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law

    2. it asks everyone to universalise their principles




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