Case Study - The Maldives

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The Maldives - Rising Sea Levels


  • A group of 1,196 islands.
  • Sitated in South East Asia.
  • To the South West of India.

Causes of Sea Level Rising:

  • Melting ice caps.
  • Global temperature increase. water temperature increases and rises the level of seas.
  • Thermal expansion of sea water.
  • Melting mountain glaciers.
  • Melting polar ice sheets.
  • 'North Pole decreased 30% in size over the last 30 years'.

Impacts - Economic (Money)

  • Many tourists visit this area, this would decrease, beach erosion..
  • Fishing - Main economic income, change in the water temperature would lose fishes.

Impacts - Social (People)

  • Many people would…



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