Case Study - Improving Squatter Settlements: PRIDE in India

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Pride in India

Background and Aim:

  • It was set up to try to reduce the problem of mass migration
  • It helps local people to plan, organise and work through training
  • They have developed a Special Education Centre in the slums of Mumbai


  • Children who live far away from school are given bicycles
  • Children are given money from an educational fund. This is later repaid.
  • Libraries and book banks encourage children to read
  • Separate youth clubs for boys and girls. They teach practical skills in the community
  • Pre-school education centres have been set up in all vilaages for children aged 2 to 5 1/2 years.
  • 160 adult centres have been created to improve adult literacy
  • Study centres and special coaching classes provide teaching in English, Maths and Science

Health and Nutrition:

  • The project travels around


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