CASE STUDY- Hurricane Katrina

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Nature of event

  • Struck SE USA on 29th August 2005
  • Formed over the Bahamas on 23rd
  • Moved NW and strengthed into a hurricane just before it went over the tip of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico
  • As it travelled over the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico it strengthened to category 5
  • On the night of the 28th ot weakened to category 3
  • On the morning of the 28th it struck land bringing winds of 250kmh and 200-250mm of rainfall in Louisiana and a storm surge of up to 8.5m in Mississpi
  • Centre pressure of 902mb making it the 5th most intense Atlantic basin hurrican on record
  • It travelled over 240km inland before the winds dropped enough for it to be down graded to a storm


Where was impacted

  • Hit louisiana and Mississipi the worst
  • Florida and cuba also affected
  • City of New Orleans was very badly damaged by the storm surge which overwhelmed the levees causing widespread flooding (over 80% of city under water)

Social impacts 

  • 1836 people killed
  • 300,000 homes destroyed
  • Hundreds of thousands made homeless
  • 3 million people left without electricity
  • Power and water supplie


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