CASE STUDY- Haitain earthquake 2010

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Nature of event 

  • enriqullio fault 
  • Last earthquake long ago so lots of built up energy causing 2 metre movement
  • No surface rupture
  • rayeigh and love waves travelled across soft sedimentay coastal plains creating massive destruction
  • Epicentre at Leogane, 15 km southwest of the capital Port-Au-Prince
  • 3 strong 5-6 aftershocks

Impact of event

  • Death toll 222,500
  • 1000 unaccounted for
  • 1.5 million homeless
  • 7500 in mass graves, many bodies piles up in the streets
  • 800,000 in improvised camps
  • Only 3 out of 450 camps had potable water
  • Capitals main port destroyed
  • Leogane had 80-90% of its buildings detroyed
  • 2X worse than any other 7.0 agnitude earthquake due to the socio-economic conditions
  • Contructors used brittle steel and weak cement mixed with dirty/salty sand + steel reinforcement rodes which terminated at the joints where earthquake stress is highest

Immediate response

  • rescue phase 
  • Manually lifting rubble as their was no heavy lifting gear available
  • Aid agency staff looked for their own families
  • International search teams brought their equipment and expertise
  • 120 people rescued 
  • Hospitals overwhelmed
  • Doctors performing amputations with basic equipment 

2 weeks later

  • Tents only for 25% of homeless
  • US coast guard partially re-opened the damaged dock and 4 aiports to being in supplies
  • Refief was unable to


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