Case Study: Coastal Flooding Hurrican Katrina August 29th 2004 - GCSE/AS case study

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Where: Louisianna & Mississippi

Causes of Devastation:(
  127mph winds
  Category 5 hurricane
  10m storm Surge
  Levees overwhelems by extra water - many completley collapsed

Prediction & Response
Advanced warning by 26th August
  State of emergency - Louisianna, Alabama, Mississippi
  New orleans ordered to be evacuated -28th august
Most population in private cars & buses
  150,000 remaind - some by choice some had no way out
  Some basic supplies were delivered
  Many people went to the superdome which acted as a shelter for those unable to leave - safer than houses 

Impacts - Environmental
  233,000KM disastor zone
 80% of city deluged…


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