Case study - Boscastle

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Boscastle - 2004

location of river

  • Cornwall south east England
  • At the confluence of three rivers 
  • drainage basin has very high slopes - increases surface runoff
  • Idyllic views 
  • tourist destination 


  • Days of rain so the ground was saturated 
  • High tides
  • small drainage basin
  • reduction in trees
  • bridges
  • clearing vegetation for buildings


  • 25 businesses destroyed 
  • 50 buildings flood damaged
  • Massive effect on economy as 90% of income was through tourists who stopped going 
  • Insurance companies had to pay out 
  • Damage £15 million
  • Many people and tourists were traumatised by the event and suffered increased levels of stress




check the causes again.

well done and thankyou for the information


it helped me with my h.w.k. :)

need to improve withe the answers in CAUSES> :)

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