Case study of Slums in East London


Slums in East London


  • In the mid 18th century London was known as Great Wen
  • In 1851 the urban population of London was 50% the total population
  • London became the first world city in the 19th century
  • The underground began in 1865
  • Civil servant- someone working with the government
  • London was founded by the romans
  • London was chosen as a location for settlement as it is 50 miles in land so not a point of defence and had a large river with flat surrounding land
  • 4 reasons why London was considered a world city in the 19th Century:
    1. Large population distributed over a large geographical area
    2. The population came from the whole world
    3. Had direct industrial and commercial ties to the world
    4. Was involved in the internal affairs of other nations

Problems in London

  • There were tensions between urban dwellers causing congestion and crime
  • Long commutes
  • Isolation and despair
  • Centre was clustered
  • Social structures were becoming outdated
  • Migration flooded suburbs
  • There were two main reasons London slums began to


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