Case Study: Inequalities in the EU

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Inequalities between the UK and Bulgaria

  • Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, so has had less time than the UK to experience the benefits of being in the EU 
  • Bulgaria had a lower GNI per head than the UK by over $22,000
  • Life expectancy in Bulgaria is 6 years lower than the UK
  • HDI for Bulgaria is 0.123 less than in the UK

Why UK is more developed

  • Has a temperate climate and few droughts, which makes good farming conditions
  • Has good trade links (due to being an island) and has been a major trading centre for centuries
  • Has well-developed manufacturing and service industries (e.g. insurance), which are very profitable

Why Bulgaria is less developed

  • Has a temperate climate, but also has droughts in the summer and high snowfall in the winter, which makes farming difficult
  • Parts of Bulgaria are…


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