caregiver-infant interactions

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  • AO1:
  • Reciprocity and interactional synchrony:
  • From birth, babies and their mothers (or other carers) spend a lot of time in intense and pleasurable interaction. Babies have periodic 'alert phases' and signal they are ready for interaction, which mothers respond to around 2/3 of the time (Feldman and Eidleman). Two people are said to be 'synchronised' when they carry out the same action simultaneously. Interactional synchrony can be defined as 'the coordination of micro-level behaviour' (Feldman). It takes place when mother and infant interactions in such a way that their actions and emotions mirrir the mother.
  • Meltzof and Moore observed the beginnings of interactional synchrony in infants as young as 2 weeks old. An adult displayed one of three facial expressions or one of three distinctive guestures and the child's response…


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