Cardingmill Valley Fieldwork

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Aims of the feildwork:

-To measure the changing channel characteristics along the Cardingmill valley and comparing it to Bradshaw's model.


-Channel width, depth, velocity, hydraulic radius and cross-sectional area will all increase with distance downstream.

Location and characteristics of the area:

-It is situated in the Shropshire countryside of Long Mynd.

-It incluedes features such as deeply cut valleys and streams.

-It has recently become fragile, due to human activity.

-The sole agricultural use of Long Mynd is sheep farming.

Strengths of the location of fieldwork:

-Toliet and cafe facilities

-Easily accessible by bus

-Large amounts of us could work on the river at one time.

-We could complete the fieldwork in one day.

-Easy access to the river.

-Able to work in both the middle and upper course of the river.

-Has the traditional profile of a river.

Risk Assessment:

-Low risk of slipping on wet grass and rocks, for both staff and students, minimised by ensuring appropriate


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