Carboxylic acids

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Carboxylic acids

Carboxylic acids have the functional group -COOH

1) Carboxylic acids have -COOH as a functional group.

2) Their names end in -anoic acid ( and start with meth/eth/prop)

Carboxylic acids react like other acids

1) They react just like any other acid with carbonates to produce carbon dioxide.

2) The salts formed in these reactions end in -anoate- e.g. methanoic acid will form a methanoate.

ethanoic acid + sodium carbonate -> carbon dioxide + sodium ethanoate

3) Carboxylic acids dissolve in water to produce acidic solutions. When they dissolve they ionise and release H+ ions which are responisble for making the solution acidic. But, because they don't ionise completely (not many H+ ions are released), they just form weak acidic solutions. This means that…


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